Make data-driven decisions

Science at the service of Human Resources.

A foundation in research

HEROBOTICS is developed on studies in the field of human sciences and social behavior, peer-reviewed and validated by the international scientific community.

These studies, and the methods described in them, proved to be able to objectively and accurately measure a wide spectrum of cognitive, behavioral, and personality traits.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Since two roles never have the same requirements, our algorithms are able to measure to what extent a candidate is fit for a specific job position.

To do so, we have developed the Human Engine – the heart of HEROBOTICS – which is based on the Ethical Principles of Artificial Intelligence.

Unbiased and distraction-free

HEROBOTICS is designed to be fair and remove common biases from the screening process.

Additionally, our patented CAM system is able to automatically identify and compensate for the distractions that frequently occur during remote assessments.

Patent 102019000006686

Universities and research institutes

We believe that academic research is the heart of innovation, therefore we support universities and research institutes in conducting scientific studies in the fields of human sciences and social behavior. If you represent a university or a research institute, contact us to learn more.